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Overview of PTE Reading Section

Candidates are allocated anywhere from 32 - 41 minutes for completing the reading section of PTE. It's important to nail every section while taking this exam. We have compiled an overview of the PTE r..

Tips for PTE Repeat Sentence

Speaking section of PTE can often be muddling for many. The constant opening and closing of the microphone is hard to keep track off. Along with numerous types of questions, with different level of co..

Overview of PTE Speaking Section

PTE Speaking section is an amalgam of versatile questions that assess the candidate’s ability to clearly comprehend speech, text and visual cues and articulately convey them to others. We have compi..

Overview of PTE Writing Section

Writing Section is the lengthiest section on the PTE exam. To gain maximum from the questions that are subsumed by this section, candidates need to write articulately while making logical arguments. G..

Overview of PTE Listening Section

The third part of PTE test assess candidates on their listening skills. Usually an audio clip is provided on the basis of which questions are asked. Sometimes, the test also features multiple video cl..

How to Maximize Score in PTE Academic Test

PTE is one of the most acclaimed language assessment tests on the market. Scores of PTE are taken into consideration by most world renowned universities. Like TOEFL and IELTS, PTE also comprises of qu..

Tips for PTE Read Aloud

Reciting a piece of text may seem puerile and simple to many. Still many lose marks in this due to the lack of proficiency and clarity while reciting. A microphone is provided to each candidate who th..

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